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My friend

Man is a social animal. Where ever, he goes, he makes friends but few are real friends. William is my real friend. He is of my age and studies in my class.

William is quite tall, fair and healthy. He is an ideal student. He is hard working. He listens to the teachers attentively. He is good in Basketball and Table Tennis, the game I like. He is well behaved and liked by all.

William is always ready to help me. Whenever I have any difficulty in studies, he tries to solve it. He is good at mathematics and I an weak. He helps me when needed. The problems that I do not understand are explained by him. He does not lose patience, if I am slow in grasping it.

In the evening we always play together. We visit each other’s houses too. My parents like him very much. He has become almost a member of my family. We discuss all problems in his presence and at times consult him too. His parents treat me in the same way.

When my brother was hospitalized, he stood by me and shared my duties. “A friend in need, is a friend indeed’ I am lucky to have such a friend.